• The products offered for sale by MAK-IS are only those presented on the juliaruff.com website at the time the order is sent, as described in the corresponding information sheets.
  • It is understood, in all cases, that the images that accompany the description sheet of a product are presented for information purposes only and may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics, but may differ in colour or size (in particular because of the browser and screen used to access the Site and display the images).
  • In order to place an order, the Customer must fill in the form on the Site in full and send it after carefully reading the Terms and Conditions, as well as the characteristics of the product and/or the products he intends to purchase. The Customer must also ask MAK-IS, if he or she so desires, to issue a tax invoice for the purchase and MAK-IS will deliver a tax invoice in electronic form to customer’s e-mail address that was registered by customer within subscription process on website www.diumbier.com
  • MAK-IS will confirm receipt of the Order by means of an e-mail reply sent by the Customer. This confirmation message will contain a summary of the terms and conditions of purchase, as provided for in the applicable regulations, as well as the data that the Customer has inserted in the Order, so that the Customer can check them and, if necessary, communicate without delay the necessary corrections for any incorrect data.


  • The prices indicated on the site must be considered inclusive of tax. Any shipping costs or payment charges are, in all cases, communicated in advance to the Customer through the site or these Terms and Conditions.
  • The following methods of payment are provided for:


For the payment, the customer can use the Paypal circuit according to the specific modalities of the latter.

Credit Card

When the merchandise is purchased using the Credit Card payment method, the transaction may be executed through the Paypal secure server or another secure server chosen by MAK-IS.

MAK-IS will not under any circumstances and at any stage of the payment process be in a position to know the Customer's Credit Card details, which are transmitted via a secure connection directly to the website of the bank handling the transaction. No computer archive of MAK-IS will store this data and, consequently, MAK-IS shall not be held liable for any fraudulent and improper use of credit cards by third parties at the time of payment.

Transfer (only for European Union countries)

In case of payment of a purchase by bank transfer, the bank data will be visualized for the payment. The shipment of the goods will only take place after the payment has actually been made to the bank.